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About Bizet and its surrounding

Bizet and its surrounding is found in the eastern region of Tigray. It is a place that has different natural gifts

The living style of the society in Bizet and its surrounding is is almost in agriculture. The population lives in town and in tabyas with high density. They have agricultural fields that can be used for errigation and rivers. They also have places that switable for forestation and this enable to control air condition. This forestation can be also used for the growth of economy.

Bizet and its surrounding has different Monasteries and ancient churchs.

Like other places of Tigray, Bizet and its surrounding was suffering from poverty, absence of education and differnt diseases in the past govenrment systems. Though it was in such cindition, it is the home of many heroes who fought against these systems. Nowadays Bizet and its surrounding is the consumer of education centers, pure water sapply, health center, 24 hours service of electricity and others through its own heroes.

However, like in other places of Tigray, economical and social problems are present still now. These problems are not able to be solved only by government. As a result, this Development Association is established to come up with solving these problems, making hard working as a habit, verifying the goverment policies in to practice and leading to the development of the whole community.

Establishment of Bizet and its surrounding Development Association

This association is established in May-2001/2009 based on the ” Ftabher Rule-No_ 404(Ethiopia) Association Registration Guide-No_ 321/1959 ” which was established in 1956 E.C. by the members found in Mekelle and have its own Goals and Objectives.

Address of this Development Association

The main office of our association is found in Tigray rigion – Mekelle city – ‘Wereda’ South – kebelle 16. As needed, branches of this office can be opened at Bizet and other towns of Tigray, other rigions of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and countries in abroad.