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Objective, Mission And Vision

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Objective, Mission And Vision of the Association

  • Interested and Volunteries persons who borned in Bizet and its surrounding and live in different areas of the world coordinate their knowledge, labour and capital in order to solve economical and social problems that are not able to be covere by the government.
  • Initiating the society’s culture and habit of hard working in order to make high participation in the development.
  • Investigating the economic sectors that are not able to be covered by the government and finding a solution(education, health, etc).
  • Inviting investers to the areas of economic sectors that are not by the government inorder to invest their wealth.
  • Identifiying and advertising the historical places and heritages found in Bizet and its surrounding inorder to use then as means of economy source.
  • Initiating to make check dams and afferestation , returning the flooding rivers back to impotrance so as to bring progressive community development.

Vision of the Association

  • This Association will be strong and coordinated in searching solutions to the problems in the society in order to fight against poverty for sustainable development.

Mission of the Association

  • To bring sustainable development in the areas of ecomomic sectors, health sectors, and education sectors in the whole society of Bizet and its surrounding.